about thoughtful living




Over the past five years, I’ve been on a mission to live thoughtfully. I’ve reflected on our ability as humans to want more and what impact that has on small businesses and our world as a whole. I’ve always been a creature of habit and reach for the same five pieces, so my thought process has been - why not invest in better quality pieces that were made by human hands? Why not support a small business rather than a big box store where things are mass produced? With this thought came Thoughtful Living. Leather is a material I’ve always been fascinated by, the way it ages and grows with you. It is important to me that my pieces have a classic look that will allow them to be versatile, but also have a unique flair like the human using them.

Each piece is made by hand. This means everything is cut, sewn, dip dyed, stamped, and painted by one set of hands in my home studio in Austin, Texas.